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Flowbite React is an open-source UI component library built on top of Tailwind CSS with React components and based on the Flowbite Design System.

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React UI components

Flowbite React is a free and open-source UI component library based on accessible React components and Tailwind CSS.

Get started building modern web applications using the React UI components from Flowbite based on Tailwind CSS and the Flowbite design system by installing the package via NPM.

Browse a collection of hundreds of interactive UI components such as dropdowns, navbars, modals, and more.

  • Huge collection of UI components built with React
  • Open-source under the MIT License
  • Compatible with Next.js 13
  • Utility classes based on Tailwind CSS
  • Based on the Flowbite ecosystem and design
  • Fully accessible UI components

Dark mode integration

Flowbite React has native built-in support for dark mode by using Tailwind CSS and the Flowbite design system.

All of the UI components from Flowbite React will automatically invert the colors when activating dark mode via browser settings or using a custom switcher component.

  • Increased accessibility based on room brightness
  • Better visibility for users with low vision
  • Improved readability for users with light sensitivity
  • High quality UI/UX design for modern applications

Compatible with Tailwind CSS

Flowbite React uses the utility classes from Tailwind CSS under the hood and provides an advanced theming system that you can use to apply classes to UI components and their underlying HTML elements structure.

This theming system can be used either on an application or component level and Flowbite React also allows you to set up class name attributes on each component.

Tailwind CSS is the most popular and open-source utility-first CSS framework on the market and the Flowbite ecosystem uses this framework in all of the libraries including the vanilla JS, Svelte, Vue, and React one.

Flowbite provides a robust set of design tokens and components based on the popular Tailwind CSS framework. From the most used UI components like forms and navigation bars to the whole app screens designed both for desktop and mobile, this UI kit provides a solid foundation for any project.

Designing with Figma components that can be easily translated to the utility classes of Tailwind CSS is a huge timesaver!

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Eugene Fedorenko/Lead designer at Wildbit

Design with Figma

Get started with the most popular and definitive design system built in Figma and used by thousands of designers and agencies that is compatible across multiple frameworks in the Flowbite ecosystem including React, Vue, Svelte, and Flowbite.

Check out the following resources to learn more about Flowbite Figma:

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